~ Practice Areas & Flat Fee Schedule ~

Estate Planning - Includes 1 hour Consultation & Will Signing

  • Flat Fee Will Services
    • Basic Will packet includes Will, Memorandum on Personal Belongings, Medical Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians (Living Will), HIPPA Release, and Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)
    •  Basic Will packet $600, single person
    • Basic Will packet $1000, married couple with mirror image wills
    • Additional fees apply for special circumstances

  • Advanced Planning Documents ($50/ea when added to Basic Packet)
    • Appointment for Disposition of Remains
      • Accepted by funeral homes in lieu of getting approval for cremation from all immediate family members 
    • Declaration of Guardian in Event of Later Incapacity
      • Use to name who you want and who do not want to become your guardian
    • Declaration for Mental Health Treatment
      • Declare the type of treatment you want in regard to psychoactive meds, convulsive therapy and emergency mental health treatment
    • Out-of-Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate Form
    • Special Durable Power of Attorney for Real Estate Transactions
      • If you anticipate your agent needing to handle real estate transactions for you during your lifetime

Probate - Collin County

Muniment of Title 

  • Attorney Fee - $1000 + filing fee of $281.92 + certified copies
  • Decedent had a valid Will
  • Died less than 4 years ago
  • No debts, except those secured by liens on real estate
  • No controversy
  • Fee includes consultation, drafting of documents and court appearance

Independent Administration 

  • Attorney Fee $1500 ( plus filing fee of $281.92 + Notice to Creditors $70.00 + Judge's Order $2.06 (estimated total  $1853.98) + cost of certified copies 
  • Decedent had a valid Will
  • There are outstanding debts
  • Fee includes consultation, drafting of all documents and court appearance

Dependent Administration

 - $275/hr + filing fees, court costs, and surety bond

Estates without Written Will

Small Estate Affidavit 

  • No Will and estate is less than $75,000 excluding homestead
  • Attorney Fee - minimum of $800 + filing fee of $263.32
  • Total cost may be significantly higher depending on the number of heirs and  whether it is difficult to contact them

 Heirship Proceeding

  • No Will and estate exceeds $75k (excluding homestead)
  • Judge must determine heirs, an attorney ad litem will be appointed (usual fee between $500-$1000)
  • Attorney fee - minimum fee of $1500 + filing fee $352.91 + published citation + attorney ad litem fee + Notice to Creditors + Order Approving Inventory + certified copies
  • Estimated minimum cost approximately $2500.00

Court Created Independent Administration

  • Attorney Fee - minimum $2500 + estimated court costs and fees of at least $1000

Uncontested Guardianship of the Person - Collin County

Attorney Fee  - $1400 + fees listed below 

  • Includes consultation at your home with Applicant and Proposed Ward, and court appearance
  • Filing Fee - $277.07
  • Citation Preparation - $79.00
  • Background check - $10/each
  • Attorney Ad Litem Fee ~ $500-$1000
  • Total Approximately ~ $2300
  • If the proposed ward's estate is less than $2000, court costs and ad litem fees can be waived in Collin County; retainer reduced to $1200

Contested Guardianship of the Person and the Estate 

  • Attorney Fee - $275/hr + court costs and fees listed above plus surety bond
  • Minimum $2800 retainer required

  DEED Transfers - $300 - includes consultation, drafting and notary; does not include recording fees

  • Enhanced Life Estate Deed

  • Stay in home during lifetime, transfers after death, Medicaid advantages

  • Revocable Transfer on Death Deed
  • No effect during lifetime, can refinance, sell or revoke the transfer
  • Must be recorded before death
  • Conveys home to named beneficiaries outside of Probate in most cases

  • Gift Deed
  • Gift of real property during lifetime

Flat fees assume there is no controversy among the beneficiaries or creditors of the estate.

Who Needs a Trust?

  • If your estate exceeds $11.18 million ($22.36 million if married) you may need a Trust to protect your estate from Federal Estate Taxes (currently 40%). Texas does not have a state estate tax. 

Probate in Texas is Fast & Inexpensive

  • Unlike many other states, probate is a relatively straightforward process in Texas if there is no controversy and if there was a properly written Will. In most cases the probate process is well under $2000 and can be completed in under a year. In many cases an Affidavit in Lieu of Inventory can be submitted by the Executor which keeps property of the estate private.